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FMC Technologies Supply Chain

As a Global Organization, the supply chain of FMC Technologies is of vital importance to the successful execution of our operations.  A robust supply chain not only allows us to meet the demands of our customers, but is fundamental in creating customer success.  FMC Technologies is committed to the creation of mutually beneficial relationships with our supplier base that will enrich our supply chain and add vlaue to our end customer.

Vision: Management and performance of all sourcing to become a competitive advantage for FMC Technologies.

Mission: Provide a stable external platform in order to support the growth of the Global product line by building an appropriately rationalised and dynamic supply base capable of delivering consistent global performance in all aspects of SQDC


    • Complete leverage of global spend to achieve superior SQDC
    • Identify world class suppliers that will serve FMC Technologies well globally and grow the business
    • Develop strong long term supplier agreement based on Global Purchasing Terms
    • Meet local content requirements through supplier development
    • Influence product design to achieve higher quality and lower total cost from the supply base
    • Expect YOU, our Suppliers, to manage YOUR supply chain in the same manner

    Ideal Supplier Attributes

    • Understands The Opportunity
    • Has world class safety, quality and delivery
    • Makes the right resource commitments
    • Embraces continuous improvement
    • Honors commitments
    • Demonstrates flexibility
    • Has a mutually beneficial relationship with FMC Technologies Inc.
    • Pro-actively innovates, communicates and complies to contract
    • Provides FMC Technologies Inc. with a sustainable advantage (technical, commercial, quality, reliability)