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ENI (Agip) Bouri

ENI Bouri

Libya Block NC 41

Landmark: Libya’s first subsea project

The Bouri field is part of Block NC 41, which is located 70 miles (120 km) from the Libyan coastline in the Mediterranean Sea. The block contains three known reservoirs, one oil reservoir and two gas reservoirs. The block is served by two production platforms: DP4 and DP3. The latter is tied back to the DP4 located 4 miles (6.5 km) northeast. The DP4 platform is permanently moored to an FPSO tanker at a single point.

The three subsea wells of the Bouri field are independently tied back to the DP3 platform via USV (Underwater Safety Valves) mounted on a subsea-deployed skid located 500 ft (150 m) from the DP3 jacket. The three wells were drilled in 1994-1995 and temporarily abandoned until completion in 1998.

The subsea trees incorporate an integral protection structure for deflection, protection, including dropped-object protection. The wells, notable for H2S, are controlled by chokes located on the subsea trees. The hydrocarbons are produced via their respective underwater safety valves to the DP3 platform through flexible 4" nominal-diameter flowlines. Topside controls of the Bouri subsea development were installed on the DP3 platform and are served by a multiplex electro-hydraulic control system with independent production umbilical at each well.

  • Contract Award: 1997 (Ph I) and 2004 (Ph II)
  • Sales: Dunfermline, U.K.
  • Fabrication Trees: Dunfermline, U.K.
  • Fabrication Controls: Kongsberg, Norway
  • Service Base: Aberdeen, Scotland, and Bergen, Norway 
  • Host Type: Platform
  • Contract Type: EPC