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FMC Technologies at OTC Houston

FMC Technologies' booth and representation at OTC Houston is a "must see" for everyone at the show. Booth #1941 showcases a 30' interactive mural, an always-active panoramic theater for presentations, award-winning products on display, and the best minds in the industry to explain it all. The booth itself won the show's Award of Excellence in 2013, and keeps all 5,000 square-feet packed the entire event.
If you can't make the show or just want to see what to expect. Take a tour with our Virtual Booth.

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2015 Spotlight on New Technology Award Winner

Annulus Monitoring System

 Annulus Monitoring System

The annulus monitoring system provides independent condition monitoring within the subsea wellhead from the onset of drilling. The communication system delivers actionable information to the operator during critical phases of well installation and commissioning from multiple analog or digital sensors within annular locations.

The system enables monitoring of fluid conditions between casing strings during all phases of drilling, completion, and production operations, by implementing a novel communication technique capable of transmitting through thick steel barriers without wires or bulkhead connections.


  • Unlike radio frequency communications, the digital signal is not limited by the conductivity of the metal barrier or surrounding sea water
  • Unlike conventional acoustic communications, multi-path "echoes" will not distort the signal
  • Communications are available during early phases of drilling and throughout production without the need to shut-in or require additional down-hole equipment
  • Data is collected during drilling through a battery powered subsea telemetry link, and through direct connection with the subsea control module after landing the tree
  • No requalification of subsea equipment is required because the system integrates over the existing pup joint just below the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd position casing hanger

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FMC Technologies and Technip Launch Forsys Subsea

Revolutionizing subsea field architecture from concept, delivery, and beyond

FMC Technologies Inc. and Technip signed an agreement March 22, 2015 to form an exclusive alliance and to launch Forsys Subsea, a 50/50 joint venture that will unite the skills and capabilities of two subsea industry leaders. This alliance will redefine the way subsea fields are designed, delivered and maintained.

Bringing the industry’s most talented subsea professionals together early in the project concept phase, Forsys Subsea will have the technical capabilities, products and systems to significantly reduce the cost of subsea field development and provide the technology to maximize well performance over the life of the field.

By combining the industry-leading technologies of the parent companies, Forsys Subsea will reduce the interfaces of the subsea umbilical, riser and flowline systems (SURF) and subsea production and processing systems (SPS). It will also simplify the seabed layout, reducing complexity, accelerating time to first oil, and maximizing sustainable peak production. This unique combination will drive a new, step-change approach to how equipment designs and installation methods converge in a new generation of subsea architecture.


Event Info

  • May 4-7 - NRG Park, Houston Texas
  • Exhibition hours
    • Monday - Wednesday:
      9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
    • Thursday:
      9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
  • Booth #1941
  • OTC site

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