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Chiksan® Marine Loading Arms for LNG Service

FMC is the undoubted leader based on the field experience gained since 1963 for the LNG loading and unloading. Ever increasing demand for these products has led FMC to continue to invest in R&D to increase the reliability of the equipment and ensure uninterrupted operations of LNG at LNG terminals worldwide.

For the transfer of LNG and other cryogenic products with a high degree of reliability and of enhanced safety, FMC has developed and designed the most technically advanced LNG loading and unloading equipment available today for both onshore and offshore terminals.

To meet the requirements for jetties to be located in exposed locations with no breakwater, FMC has developed a Chiksan® LNG constant motion swivel joint, tested with liquid nitrogen at -190°C for a period of three years and in operation since 1993.

In the FMC supported type or "S" type LNG loading arms the product transfer piping is separate from the product piping and swivel joints in the base-riser, inboard and part of the outboard sections of the arm. This system allows the structure to absorb the mechanical stresses and thus limit the stresses borne by the product piping.

FMC provides a complete and proven range of operational, safety and maintenance accessories for Chiksan LNG marine loading arms. These options, at the forefront of modern technology, include FMC hydraulic Quick Connect/Disconnect Couplers (QC/DC), Manual Quickon couplers, Position Monitoring System (PMS), FMC Emergency Release Systems (ERS) and piggy back lines.

FMC's range of Chiksan marine loading arms for LNG service includes:

  • RCMA-S - Rotary Counterweighted Marine Arm "S"
    This arm maintains the product carrying line separate from the mechanical structure with only a single counterweight system used to balance the inboard and outboard sections of the arm.
  • DCMA-S - Double Counterweighted Marine Arm "S"
    This arm is fully balanced in all positions. Two independent counterweight systems are used to balance the inboard and outboard sections of the arm. The "S" or supported version is designed to separate the product carrying line from the mechanical structure.The DCMA design requires less space for counterweight clearance behind the arm.


RCMA"S"/DCMA"S" models - 14Ko

  • Reliable field proven equipment since 1963. No prototypes
  • Enhanced safety and environmental protection
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Long life expectancy; First Chiksan Marine Loading Arms installed in 1963 are still in operation
  • Complete range of genuine Chiksan spare parts for the life of your LNG loading/unloading systems
  • Worldwide aftermarket service with FMC trained personnel committed to immediate and long term customer satisfaction