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Our executive management team's dedication and expertise stem from a long, rich history in building what FMC Technologies is today. Many of our officers have devoted most of their professional careers to the company and its predecessor and bring to the table decades of tenure. Through their long-term dedication and ethical values they have invested a personal interest in the success of the company.





John Gremp

John T. Gremp 
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer 

Maryann T. Seaman   
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Doug Pferdehirt

Douglas J. Pferdehirt
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Jay Nutt

Jay A. Nutt
Vice President and Controller

Tore Halvorsen

Tore Halvorsen 
Senior Vice President, Subsea Technologies

Johan Pfeiffer

Johan Pfeiffer
Vice President, Surface Technologies

Sanjay Bhatia
Vice President, Corporate Development

Bradley D. Beitler
Vice President, Technology


Mark Scott

Mark J. Scott
Vice President, Administration