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Corporate Governance

Our Board of Directors believes that the purpose of corporate governance is to ensure that we maximize stockholder value in a manner that is consistent with legal requirements and the highest standards of integrity. The Board has adopted and adheres to corporate governance principles which the Board and senior management believe promote this purpose, are sound and represent best practices. We continually review these governance practices, the corporate laws of the State of Delaware under which we were incorporated, the rules and listing standards of the New York Stock Exchange and the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as best practices recognized by governance authorities. The corporate governance principles adopted by the Board of Directors and the charters for the committees of the Board are included below under “Governance Documents” and are also available in print to any stockholder upon request.
John Gremp

John T. Gremp
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
FMC Technologies, Inc.

Mike Bowlin
Mike R. Bowlin 
Retired Chairman
Atlantic Richfield Company
board member cazalot

Clarence Cazalot
Executive Chairman Marathon Oil Corporation

Eleazar de Carvalho Filho

Eleazar de Carvalho Filho 
Founding Partner of Iposeira Capital

C. Maury Devine 
Retired President and Managing Director
ExxonMobil Norway, Inc.

Claire S. Farley 
Co-Founder of RPM Energy, LLC
Thomas Hamilton Thomas M. Hamilton 
Medora Investments

Peter Mellbye
Former Executive Vice President of Development & Production of Statoil ASA

Edward Mooney Edward J. Mooney 
Retired Delegue General - North America
Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux

Joseph H. Netherland
Retired Chairman
FMC Technologies, Inc.

Peter Oostervee Peter Oosterveer 
Chief Operating Officer of Fluor Corporation

Richard Pattarozzi

Richard A. Pattarozzi 
Retired Vice President
Shell Oil Company

James Ringler

James M. Ringler 
Teradata Corporation

Governance Documentation

Audit Committee Charter


Audit Committee Charter.pdf


By-Laws of FMC Technologies, Inc.


2013 December_ByLaws.pdf


Code of Business Conduct and Ethics




Compensation Committee Charter


Compensation Committee Charter.pdf


Governance Principles




Nominating and Governance Committee Charter